The Andes

Beside Aconcagua we offer our services also for other mountains in the Andes. We can organize tours to different other spots.

One for example is the region of VallecitosJust 70 kilometers away from Mendoza City we find a perfect place to practice and enjoy mountaineering. The choice is huge, there are numerous summits between 3.000 and 4.000 meters of altitude. Summits like Negro, Vallecitos, Rincón and the Colorado are around 5.000 meters of altitude and the highest, the Cerro Plata has almost 6.000 meters. The area is accessible all year round and from hiking until rock-climbing every style of mountaineering can be done.



More destinations:

- Penitentes

- El Arenales

- El Sosneado

- Ojos del Salado

- Trekking to the Crashsite of Flight 571 (1972) - "The Miracle of the Andes" (Movie "Alive")  in the Valley of Tears

   New movie 2024 Netflix - Society of the Snow

- Mercedario
- Llullaillaco


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