The highest Volcano on Earth

The volcano Ojos del Salados is situated in the northern part of Argentina, right at the borderline to Chile. The inactive volcano measures 6.893 meters of altitude. According to Geologists, the last big eruption was 1300 years ago.


Today it is a attractive summit for Mountaineers. We do the ascent from the argentinean side. This route is very wild and remote, but we think it is far more beautiful. There aren't crowds of people like on the ascent route from Chile. We start our journey in the little town of Fiambalá in the Province of Catamarca. We get ourselves acclimatized before we setup base camp at a altitude of 5.500 m. The acclimatization takes us several days, the summit itself can be done quicker. We leave base camp and setup one high camp before we reach in one long day the summit of the Ojos del Salado.

Afterwards we take a transfer to Fiambalá and on our last day we enjoy a relaxing day in the hot springs of Fiambalá.

OFFER 2023/24

Ojos del Salado

Fully guided expedition - Open group


Ascent from Argentina - 16 Days - Full Service - Sign in!

Dates:              On demand, consult us!



Day 1                 Arrival to Fiambalá, meet the group and the team of Mallku.

Days 2 - 5        Days for acclimatization. 

Days 6 - 8        Hike to Base camp.

Days 9 + 10      Days to rest and to porter equipment to the high camp.

Days 11 - 14      Ascent and possible days for the summit (reserve days incl.)

Day 15               Descent and transfer to Fiambalá.

Day 16               Day to visit the natural Hots Springs of Fiambalá.


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Ojos del Salado 5.893 m highest Volcano on Earth